2018 Motorhome of the year

This year’s all-new competition format includes the introduction of the Motohome of the Year Competition in The Great Outdoors Guide. We have a selection of on- and off-road motorhomes with beautiful features and designs for you to pop onto your wish list. There are smaller motorhome options to choose from and larger units that offer palatial living with all the creature-comforts at the press of a button and everything in between. The manufacturers have certainly produced some stunning motorhomes that will be the envy at any campsite or when spotted traversing the highways and byways of Africa in search of prime holiday and adventure destinations. It is evident from the votes we received from motorhome owners, prospective owners and many other admirers that they were keen to air their likes surrounding their favourite motorhome choices that people are passionate about their choices. Our readers voiced their opinions by voting and submitting their reviews and we listened to what they had to say.


Throughout the year The Great Outdoors Guide has run a poll to determine the top 5 motorhomes for 2018. A motorhome is defined as self-propelled recreational vehicle (RV) which offers fixed living accommodation combined with a vehicle engine. There are different classes of motorhome which vary between large bus-sized vehicles to smaller units. The living space forms an integral part of the motorhome and cannot be removed. All nominations, reader reviews and votes for the competition were done in a public voting format, allowing anyone to vote for their desired motorhome model and manufacturer. This year we have had a tremendous response across all of the competitions and if last year’s edition of The Great Outdoors Guide is anything to go by, we will achieve incredible growth both in page count, readership and exposure for our clients. 2019 is going to be a great year for The Great Outdoors Guide and we look forward to the participation of manufacturers, advertisers and the public alike. The only way to welcome in the great outdoors is to get a copy of The Great Outdoor Guide and discover your particular adventure.

Position Manufacturer Model Off-road Base price excl extras
1st Maxmo Tourer Yes / No R 1 280 000 incl vat View Details
2nd Motorhome-World Discoverer 4 No R 1 122 500 incl vat View Details
3rd Bush Lapa Bosluis 2 / 4 Yes R 269 100 incl vat View Details
4th Vista Motorhomes Vista 4 No R 700 000 incl vat View Details
5th AC Motorhomes LC 100 Series Yes / No R 600 000 incl vat View Details
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