AC Motorhomes LC 100 Series

AC Motorhomes is a registered manufacturer and builder of motorhomes and caravans in South Africa. They are known in the South African motorhome industry for their superior quality custom built motorhomes and have been producing excellent quality motorhomes for two decades. They have garnered a great working relationship with suppliers and customers alike. AC Motorhomes builds on a variety of vehicle chassis, right from the Land Cruiser 100 series (used) to the new 200 series as well as many others such as Land Rover Defender, Isuzu and Fiat.

We chatted to Hein Visser, the owner of AC Motorhomes, to find out more. “AC Motorhomes was started in 1998 and we have been building custom motorhomes since then. Our basic aim is to understand what the client wants and incorporate that into a motorhome. We do not really want to get into production lines but rather prefer the input and design ideas from the customer, which we can then incorporate into the motorhome.”

“We focus on 4×4 and on-road motorhomes on a variety of base vehicles. We have about 5 base vehicles that make up our main builds. Our motorhomes come with the full year’s warranty. We build a strong relationship with all of our clients because they have so much input into the motorhome build. We want the client’s input so that at the end of the day, when the motorhome is finished, they are completely satisfied. Our motorhomes are continually at the cutting edge of design technology and we as a company are always on the lookout for innovative design ideas that might be new to the market. We enjoy the challenge of doing something different in terms of our motorhome builds and this keeps us sharp and in touch with the goings on at the coal face.”

With regards to customer input Hein says, “We don’t want to be a normal production line motorhome company. Rather, we want to be a company that builds something that the client wants, something much more unique than the production line motorhomes. When we couple our ideas and experience with the client’s design ideas, we always come up with something great. I’m building a motorhome now that is completely different in design than anything I’ve done in the past, and this is a very interesting journey. We always ascertain what the client wants to do with the motorhome before going ahead with the build. This way we can match the build exactly to the client’s needs.”

When asked what advice he can give prospective motorhome buyers with their purchase decision, Hein says, “The client should always do his homework in terms of where they want to take the motorhome, either on tar or off-road, the additions and accessories that are important to them and any other design ideas that they require to enjoy during their outdoor experiences, and have us incorporate those into the build. Customer satisfaction is our priority”

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