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Welcome to the National Motorhome of The Year competition!

This competition is hosted annually by us to find out,

Who is South Africa’s most favoured motorhome manufacturer?

Below you’ll find a nomination form to cast your vote, and remember –

We’re giving away up to R10 000 for the person who submits their best technical review for their nomination!

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Remember, we’re looking for the best technical reviews of your favourite Motorhome! So imagine you’re Jeremy Clarkson, Godfrey Castle or any other famous car or Motorhome critique. Let us know what made you vote for the Motorhome that you did, and you could win up to R 10 000 in cash and prizes.  Spot prizes are also awarded for those that submit great pictures! Plus, you may submit more than one! Your competition entry is below, and please feel free to read our Terms and Conditions. You don’t need to be a professional writer to submit an entry – we just want to know what you and your family look for in a modern day new motorhome.

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    Previous Entries

    Mike Minnaar

    The Discoverer 4 offers all the luxury you need in a motorhome with ample power. It has a great dinette and the island bed is comfortable. The shower and toilet are tastefully designed and the components of this motorhome are designed to last. We rented one of these motorhomes recently for a trip to the east coast and what a delight it was, no setting up tents, just arrive at the destination, park it on the perfect camping stand, and start your holiday. The Discoverer 4 is designed for complete holiday enjoyment.

    Martin le Roux

    With 14 years of guided tours to Angola, the Bush Lapa Bosluis set-up meets all the requirements.

    Marnus du Plessis

    The LC series from Abba Campers is the most versatile add-on motorhome conversion on the market today. It can be fitted to a Land Cruiser single cab, club cab and double cab with ease, as well as regular double cabs and single cabs. The beauty of this motorhome conversion is that you can simply add it to your existing single or double cab. It is built on a reliable and robust platform and it is designed to tackle all the different terrains that you can throw at it. Throw in the ablution facilities, the secure sleeping quarters, ample storage for all your outdoor accessories, as well as your food and it’s like a home away from home. The incredibly short set-up time takes less than five minutes, so no longer do you have to sweat for an hour setting up your campsite. What’s more, is this motorhome can go off-road with ease. The view from the interior is an expansive 360 degrees. Insulation is great and ventilation is also right up there for those balmy summer nights. There is lots of packing space, hot and cold water taps inside, as well as a great shower with a stepping platform. The kitchen area has been well-thoughtout and also has great packing space. There is an electronic charging/management system that monitors lights, batteries, and water pump. There is a gas geyser with two gas bottles and storage for two jerrycans. Another thing we enjoy about this motorhome is the materials that are used. The shell is moulded with composites as a single unit and then the customer has the option to develop the motorhome to his exact specifications from there. The interior of this unit is carpeted for improved insulation and reduction of outside noise. It has a clothing storage cupboard with interior drawers for all your needs. Another great feature of this motorhome is the outside shower, which has its own shower step and drop-down shower curtain. The fully-equipped kitchen has absolutely everything you need all under an awning, to protect you from the midday sun. All in all, this is a great offering from Abba Campers.

    Names: Rusty and Eliza
    Vote: Vista 4×4 Camper

    We recently undertook our first real 4×4 trip with our new Vista Motorhome, travelling to Zambia with Trans Africa Tours. It is a Toyota Hilux 3 litre diesel which Vista Motorhomes converted into a motorhome with direct access from the cabin to the motorhome part at the back. Our “motorhome” comprises a kitchen, toilet & shower, double bed, dining table, comfortable seating, hot and cold water (if connected to a 240volt mains electricity supply) in the space where the original load bin was. Indeed a most comfortable vehicle/motorhome. Vista Motorhomes was very helpful in adapting/changing some items in our motorhome to suit our particular requirements.

    One item requested at the planning and build stage was that I would like to be able to stand upright in the motorhome (being 1.86 meters tall). This was achieved! The build quality of the overall frame for the “home” was manufactured of square section aluminium tube. Insulation between the outer and inner panels are filled with insulation material ensuring excellent heat and noise insulation. Our motorhome was subjected to very bad “roads” during our trip to southern Zambia and the Zambezi river area. The “ROADS”, especially the N10 between Kazugula, Mwandi and Seseke were extremely bad. Someone called it the benchmark of all bad roads in Africa! There are more holes (and big ones) in the road than “road” itself.

    For large distances the area next to the road was better or the only alternative to drive on. Our motorhome is a tall vehicle and it gave a number of our co-travellers nervous moments anticipating for it to fall over when negotiating certain parts on and off the “main” road. Our main objective while negotiating this was to keep up with the others, not to fall over and to reach the next camp intact. The motorhome did not exhibit any creaks or strange noises. We must credit Vista Motorhomes with the design and robust construction of the “home”. Back home in Somerset West we thoroughly checked every drawer and door, water and geyser system, toilet, etc, and could not find anything not working in perfect order. A major compliment to Vista’s build quality and design..

    Names: Jannie van Tonder
    Vote: ECHO 4X4 CHOBE RV

    The Echo Chobe RV is a great and reliable offroad adventure vehicle. This great new addition to the motorhome market is manufactured out of fibreglass and fitted to the load box area of a Toyota Hilux 4×4 single cab bakkie. It is the perfect companion for all your on- and off-road trips, and it loves to negotiate all the tough terrains South Africa and beyond its borders has to offer. It drives like a dream through national parks and negotiates the road less travelled like a dream. The dimensions of the Echo Chobe RV allow it to fit comfortably in a standard garage and the ground clearance offered when fitted to the Hilux 4×4 is impressive, allowing it to move over tough undulating terrain with ease. Another thing we love about the Chobe RV is that it can be ordered in a two- or four-sleeper configuration, so it is suitable for a couple or for a small family. If the two-sleeper is the preferred option, the second bed will be taken up by additional cupboards and extra storage space.

    The Chobe also comes with a removable ladder, which is simple to attach to the rear door and makes entry and exit that much easier. The expansive 270-degree awning is a zip-open and pull-out affair, secured with guide ropes. Sidewalls can be purchased as an optional extra. The Echo Chobe RV is designed and built with our South African conditions in mind and is as much at home on tar and dust roads as it is traversing heavy off-road conditions.

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