Competion Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions. Voting entries are limited to one person per entry. There shall be only one winner. Entries may be received in English or Afrikaans. All judges decisions are final and no further correspondence will be entered into. This competition closes on 31st October 2019

Disclaimer: Caravan Promotions shall not be held responsible or liable for any costs associated with copyright and plagiarism of reviews submitted. Each entrant shall be fully responsible for their own review submitted.

By entering into this competition you do hereby grant publishing rights to Caravan Promotions which may or may not use your entry for third party applications, such as printed mediums including magazines, newspapers and flyers – including also digital mediums without limitations to facebook, youtube, blogs, forums and twitter. By entering this competition you do herby confirm that all reviews submitted are under your own personal authorship. Any review received by Caravan Promotions may be subject to grammar and technical adjustments before being published. Winners shall be notified by telephone or email above. The winner shall have a period of 5 working days to redeem their winnings. Caravan Promotions is not responsible for defamatory remarks made by each applicant. Successful entries shall only be received by this website and domain.

CaravanSACompetition T&C’s