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Vista Motorhomes builds a wide range of motorhomes and campervans with popular layouts and designs. They specialise in custom builds, which is a plus for all those adventurers out there who enjoy being a part of the planning stages of the build and it is clear that they appreciate and value their customers’ input at all times. They also have a pre-owned division and a rental company called Helderberg Camper Hire under the stewardship of Ronel. Vista motorhomes is a designated agent for all motorhome and caravan accessories, offering products from leading suppliers in the industry. We chatted to Tienie who is at the helm (sales and financial management) and Byron (technical/design aspects) of Vista Motorhomes to find out more about their 4×4 motorhomes.

Tienie continues, “The base vehicle options all depends on the customer’s needs, so either in a 4×2 or 4×4 versions. The clients select their base vehicle and then we build the motorhome on that specific vehicle. We tend to favour the Toyota as the base vehicle because parts are readily available when travelling up into Africa and the reliability of the Toyota has proven to be a good choice so far. Regarding warranties, the normal warranty of the base vehicle when purchased from the manufacturer applies and we provide our warranty on the workmanship supplied by Vista. Accessories such as fridges, air conditioners and awnings will also retain their applicable manufacturer warranty.”

On specific customer motorhome design needs, Tienie had this to say, “We are open to customer suggestions as they often have some very helpful and practical ideas, particularly if they’ve done a lot of overlanding or travelling. They are motorhomers and outdoor people themselves so they know from experience where to tweak some of the design ideas if necessary. Vista Motorhomes has been in operation since 2006 and we acquired the business in 2014.”

When asked about the quality and robustness of their motorhomes, Tienie says, “We took the initial design of the framework of the prototype motorhome and had this completely restructured by a structural engineer who made some excellent structural improvements to the frame and then put it through rigorous simulation testing to ensure its complete rigidity and stability. In other words, the frame and the support of the motorhome is top class.”

“What makes Vista Motorhomes very attractive to buyers is the fact that the quality of our product is excellent and the design of the vehicle is built to withstand as much as possible of the South African and African off-road conditions. It must also be taken in consideration that it is a motorhome with all the luxuries attached to it. Our premium craftsmanship, quality products, superior finishes and customised layouts set us apart from most manufacturers.”

“We want to specifically thank Byron, our go-to man on technical and design challenges. His input is invaluable. And, we must thank our staff for their creative input and a special accolade to our clients for their constructive and valued suggestions. This ensures that we keep improving our product and are able to completely satisfy and cater to the needs of all of our customers individually.”

“Sales for 2017 and 2018 has been steady, with a continued inflow of build enquiries. We are proud to say that in spite of our specialising in more time consuming custom builds, we have during this period completed our 100th build. We are working towards expanding our footprint in the country and trust that our superior quality vehicles will, as in the past, continue to drive our business.” Vista Motorhomes takes a worthy 4th place in this year’s competition and we are sure that they will be a firm contender in the coming years.

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