Motorhome-World Discoverer 4

Motorhome World is one of the leading motorhome manufacturers in South Africa. It was started way back in 1991 by Bert and Greet Bowers and was then called Bobo Campers, which was a motorhome rental fleet. The first motorhomes in the rental fleet were CI Explorers (blue stripes) which were purchased in Durban. Dennis Bowers started manufacturing and selling motorhomes in Cape Town in 2000 and the first of their Discoverer 4 motorhomes left the showroom floor to happy customers in 2001. Tim Bowers also joined Motorhome World on the rental side in 2000.

The Discoverer 4 is the first in the range. It was borne out of the need for a reliable rental motorhome and accommodated 4 people after which the Discoverer 6 was developed to accommodate 6 people. The Discoverer 6 is basically the same in design as the Discoverer 4 but has the over-cab section to increase the sleeping space. The Discover 4 is built on an Iveco or Sprinter chassis and the Discoverer 6 is only built on an Iveco. Their production motorhomes are offered with a list of optional extras and they are always open to discuss design ideas. “We try our level best to accommodate the needs of the customer and we also offer full customisation on our 4×4 Xtreme motorhome.” Dennis mentions that the on-road motorhome market is a lot bigger than the off-road motorhome market. “The motorhome market has been stable over the last two years, but the last 6 months have been rather unstable with world economies showing major fluctuations. But we had growth last year and in the first 6 months of this year, however the last few months have been showing instability.” Dennis goes on to say that their motorhomes have changed a lot over the years, “While the layouts have remained consistent, the interiors have been redesigned such as the cupboards and various other upgrades. The technology has been overhauled and updated as we have moved along. We moved away from sandwich panels with meranti and polystyrene inserts to the Nidocor panels, which are the plastic polypropylene honeycomb core-based materials. The way we constructed motorhomes 17 years ago has improved considerably with today’s modern materials.” Motorhome World boasts more than 35 years cumulative industry experience, so you know you’re in good hands when you purchase one of their top quality motorhomes. Motorhome World offers their motorhomes through their factory premises in Atlantis in the Cape, through Kennis Caravans, Tygerberg Caravans and Natal Caravan & Marine. Dennis mentions, “We are starting out with supply through a dealer network now but in the past we typically retailed our motorhomes from our premises in the Cape. We are always open to bringing more dealers on board to increase our footprint.”

All information relating to pricing can be obtained from the Motorhome World website as well as the different accessory packages that are available. In terms of the Motorhome World waiting list, the next available motorhome is deliverable in February 2019, all units prior to that have been sold. Dennis goes on to say that they produce some of the lightest motorhomes in the business due to the advanced technology that is used in their construction, which has a direct bearing on improved fuel consumption, allows for more packing space and less wear and tear. Motorhome World certainly produces top-class motorhomes and their 2nd place standing this year is indicative of their quality builds.

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