Metalian Maxi

Talk about maximum utility combined with supreme comfort and genuine off-road ability. Well, that is the reason why the Metalian Maxi off-road trailer makes it into third place in this year’s competition.

Metalian Maxi 4×4 trailers are manufactured from 3CR12 stainless steel. They have a monocoque design, which increases overall stability, improves road handling and increases the internal volume of the trailer, which allows for extra packing space. The Metalian Maxi comes standard with an adjustable tow hitch that eliminates the need for drop plates, which limit the departure angles on the towing vehicle. All the shelves within this off-road trailer are interchangeable and height adjustable, making packing those necessities and luxuries for your trip that much easier.

The Maxi comes with a five-year written guarantee, limited to the replacement and or repair of any defect in workmanship and materials used, excluding paint and body damage as a result of physical cause. The Maxi has a complete stainless steel body, doors and drawbar which are CAD designed and comprehensively tested. The exterior is grade powder coated and fully seam sealed at 180 °C. There are seven access doors, which are locked using 304-grade stainless door locking bars and hinges. The suspension comes standard with a 1600kg braked axle, 2-ton (950 mm long, 8 blade leaf springs), Gabriel shock absorbers, a 2-ton Knott surge coupling, a heavy duty jockey wheel, and three 15-inch rims with commercial all terrain tyres.

The Metalian is available in hammer bronze, white, midnight grey, black, and olive green and will be your best friend on any off-road trip. Isn’t it time to take your holiday adventure enjoyment to the max? Or, maybe it should be holiday enjoyment to the Maxi!

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