Bushwakka Sundowner

The Bushwakka Sundowner 4×4 off-road trailer fills a large gap in the trailer market. It is a trailer designed for two people that has a caravan-type feel and is also very easy to set up. Elderly people don’t want to climb up a ladder to sleep, whilst young, adventurous couples want a trailer which can be set up in just minutes. And, of course, the Sundowner trailer subscribes to Bushwakka’s ‘lightest, toughest and best’ ethos.

The Sundowner comes standard with a CR12 stainless-steel chassis, heavy-duty leaf springs, Safari gas shocks and a stainlesssteel and aliminium body. As tough as it is, the Sundowner has a softer caravan feel to its interior. An integral part of the Bushwakka is their focus on the client as an individual. As Jaco Putter, Bushwakka’s production manager puts it, “We are not in the business of mass-producing trailers”. The Bushwakka team prides itself in their focus on the individual.

So, while keeping to the base concept of a rugged off-road trailer, Bushwakka will always go the extra mile to help satisfy the client’s unique requirements. Add to all these positive attributes the compact design, spacious interior living space, the remarkablly quick and simple setup time, the easy setup Bush-Fan canopy and the large well designed and easily accessible kitchen equipped for 4, and everything is right at your fingertips, right where you need it.

The Sundowner is a bit of a hybrid and almost borders on being a caravan, but given its rugged appearance, its true off-road trailer capabilities and the large canvas sides of the pop-up roof, it makes it into the off-road trailer competition with flying colours.

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