The Commander is Conqueror’s biggest exporter and it is packed with features with a “go anywhere your 4×4 can take it” attitude. The fully-patented independent suspension with coil springs, heavy duty shock absorbers and trailing arms offer enhanced stability and the suspension travel can be configured for maximum performance in on- and off-road conditions. It has an integral design for camber and tow-in adjustments with an auto reverse 2000kg coupler and run-in braking system. The stabiliser legs are also an integral part in the caravan’s design with no loose jacks or handles.

Body construction and strength is obtained by skeletal construction with cladding which minimises weight and all body parts are NC manufactured, ensuring easy interchangeability. All openings are fitted with automotive industry door seals and all parts are electro galvanised and epoxy coated. No wood, fibreglass or other degradable materials are used in construction, which eliminates wood rot, paint cracking and fatigue caused by tough off-road conditions.

Sleeping arrangements offers 2 double beds, 1 double bed and 1 single bed, or 3 single beds. Furniture and cupboards are manufactured from aliminium with unique fabric doors and there is ample storage all around the Commander. There are designated spaces for all the standard equipment, accessories and utensils provided. There is a large ergonomic nosecone housing 2 gas bottles, a pressurised water pump, a hot water geyser system and other essential articles. The interior is designed for maximum space utilisation to give ample headroom and the best interior space on the market today. Unique features of the Commander include modular slide-out units for kitchen, bathroom, fridge, hot water system and storage shelves. The kitchen has an 80lt double-door fridge/freezer combo which is easily accessible.

Hot and cold water is available on demand with the hot water system incorporating the latest design of the fully-automatic water gas heater. The bathroom is located in a designated shower tent and has access from inside and outside the caravan with a hot and cold water wash basin and shower facilities. The tent is manufactured out of heavy-duty Ripstop canvas with a minimum amount of poles, pegs and ropes. The modular design provides for a large number of tent and awning configurations including the latest Insta Awn. The hassle-free fold-out tent in front of caravan is larger than a normal double bed and there is ample provision made for ventilation and visibility from inside the caravan.

Accessories include 150lt polyethylene water tanks with special design to ensure a low centre of gravity, are located out of harm’s way in off-road conditions. Designated mountings for 2 jerry cans, 2 gas bottles, a spare wheel, axe and a spade are also available. A rear mounted carrier for things such as fire wood is available. Conqueror is the only manufacturer who supplies a complete stub with bearings as a spare wheel carrier for emergency situations. The Conqueror Commander is a worthy winner of this year’s caravan competition with its robust design and good looks. It’ll be a faithful follower over any terrain you decide to take it.