Mobi Lodge has certainly delivered on their promise of a quality range of products with true go-everywhere attitude and an easy setup, which are just some of the reasons this Mobi Lodge makes it into second place in this year’s Caravan of the Year Competition. The design brief was to have a more practical space inside than a double-axle caravan, but with a proper island bed, spacious permanent bathroom, lovely kitchen and less than 5 minutes setup time. Also important in the Mobi Lodge design was its off-road ability with good ground clearance to allow it to venture into challenging geographical areas with ease. The modern slide-out features that transform this caravan into a luxury space is simply design genius and clever camping. Production was moved into a new factory in Middelburg at the end of 2018 with a 14 bay production line and new wood, steel and fibreglass workshops. There is a quality control bay with rain simulator and a separate service centre. All this, combined with an efficient team and good after sales service is key to this success story.

Marius Ras says, “Good products are made by people for people and in the end, it is this family of colleagues and customers that helped form a great product. When we receive a photo from a happy customer in the Richtersveld, Kruger or Dubai desert, we know: mission accomplished.“

Mobi Lodge has demo models in Pretoria and Middelburg and on their website, customers can see all the specs, pricing, photos and videos and even order their Mobi Lodge online from the comfort of their camp site.

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