Bush Lapa Ratel

One look at the latest Bush Lapa Ratel range and it’s clear why it has gained 5th place in this year’s caravan competition in The Great Outdoors Guide. The tussle for the top changed hands many times as the votes streamed in.

The versatile Bush Lapa Ratel comes in a 3 sleeper configuration with two layout options for each, a 4 sleeper with two layout options and a 6 sleeper with two layout options. This legendary Bush Lapa caravan is ideal for those long stays in remote places with the people you truly treasure. You can take a Ratel anywhere and stay as long as you like. Give your family a home in the wild with this highly reliable off-road caravan. It’s built to follow wherever you may go and when you set up camp you will feel completely at home. Do you want to include your extended family on trips? Then consider the 6 sleeper and extend their horisons with the ultimate off-road caravan. This is the Bush Lapa flagship, the godfather, the madala of caravans.

Right from the Ratel 6, the ‘go-big-or-go-home’ Bush Lapa caravan, which offers supreme luxury and a setup time of under 15 minutes to the 3 sleeper Ratel, you will have an offroad caravan that can be taken on the toughest terrains, yet it is equipped to offer complete luxury.

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