Bush Lapa Miskruier

Bush Lapa’s Miskruier caravan is one that transforms ordinary parents into superheroes. The Miskruier is the ideal choice for the family who loves to turn every school holiday into an unforgettable adventure. It sets up in less than 10 minutes and sleeps 4 adults. It is also compact enough to fit into a standard garage and has a dry weight of 840 kg. It has a 3CR12 stainless steel body and chassis built for off-road adventures. The GVM of the Miskruier is 1500 kg and this unit comes standard with the fuss-free Bush Wing awning. The kitchen has a very spacious layout with an additional fridge drawer and lots of storage space.

Total length (sparewheel included) of 4050mm. The total height to roof top is 1970mm and the total height to top of Bush Wing (depending on tyre size) is ±2050mm and the total width is 1850mm. Ground clearance at the axle is 350mm and the departure angle is set at 44°. The Miskruier has a solid beam axle with leaf springs and shock absorbers. It has two double beds, sleeping 4 adults and the body and chassis are constructed out of stainless steel. The interior and doors are manufactured out of aliminium. Bush Lapa offers a 5-year warranty on the chassis and main body and a 1 year guarantee (ex factory) on material and workmanship. Other accessory items are per manufacturer’s guarantee. All Bush Lapa Miskruiers are Micro Dotted (also known as Data Dot).

Once you become part of the Bush Lapa family, you become a Bushlapian and the Miskruier has so many standard features and accessories, there are just too many to note in this article. Bush Lapa also offers a variety of added extras for those Bushlapians who want to completely kit out their caravans. One quick look at the customer reviews below is indicative of how much Bushlapians love their Miskruiers.

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