2017 SA’s Caravan

Let’s talk caravans! At a recent caravan show, I met many of the caravan manufacturers in SA. Standing proudly beside their creations as we exchanged introductions, they made one thing clear: they all have a burning passion for our caravan industry. Looking at the units on the showroom floor, I found myself muttering about how fantastic some of the models are. In the same way that no two snowflakes are alike, no two caravans are the same, and you have a plethora of choices when considering a new purchase or an upgrade. As I wandered through the show, I found it a real treat to listen to caravanners and campers comparing the products amongst themselves. Whether to have an island or fixed bed, an inside or outside kitchen, a pop-top or solid roof, and what toilet and bathroom – these all became intense discussion points, and the deciding factor in men keeping their wives happy… or simply keeping their wives. With over hundreds of caravan models available today, how would one know which is best? I believe that the two most important factors in deciding on a new caravan are the price, and practicality. But my price range is not the same as the next man’s, and what’s practical for me might be a nightmare for you. So, that’s when I thought: Let’s ask our readers what they have to say about the new caravans available in South Africa.


During the course of the year, The Great Outdoors Guide ran a poll on which is the most-loved caravan of 2017.

First, we had to define the term “caravan”. And then decide what the difference is between a caravan and a trailer. According to my definition, a caravan has four walls, a door (not canvas), at least one inside bed, and a kitchen that is either inside or outside.

A criterion we also included was that the caravan still has to be in production. We weren’t too fussy about the need for an EB licence, as lightweight caravans are apparently becoming more and more popular.

The nominations and votes received for the competition were done in a public-voting format. This meant that everyone could vote for any manufacturer and model they wished.

Position Manufacturer Caravan Model Off-road capable Cost per unit excl extras
1st Conqueror Companion Yes R 259 092
2nd Mobi Lodge Custom Yes R 388 000
3rd Conqueror Commander Yes R 295 782
4th Jurgens Penta No R 380 500
5th Bush Lapa Boabab Yes R 345 000
6th Mobi Lodge Deluxe Yes R 388 000
7th Sensation Anee No R 465 000
8th Echo 4x4 Kavango Yes R 291 000
9th Sprite Swing (rally only) No R 226 000
10th Bush Lapa Miskruier Yes R 295 000
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