LeBusha Overlander

The LeBusha Overlander makes 10th spot in this year’s Off-Road Trailer of the Year Competition. Its pedigree is well documented and the quality of the LeBusha design is superb.

The Overlander’s kitchen, which is enclosed by the tent, comes with a 2-plate gas stove, a full cutlery set and sliding drawer that can take up to a 90l Fridge. The Overlander’s awning covers 20 square meters and can be fully enclosed or just covered by a shade net. The awning can be set up in a matter of minutes.

The bedroom has a standard size double bed, with 700l worth of packing space which can be configured to suit any needs. Entering the Overlander’s spacious bedroom is easy with only two steps.

The Overlander has a 1.6 ton axle with 15 inch wheels. The 270° awning on the roof creates ample shade when out in the bush as well as relief from the hot African sun. There is a kitchen tent and shade net under the awning.

The Overlander is equipped with a 100Ah Deep cycle battery. The aliminium nose cone has a capacity of 180l and there is a 20L Jerry can plus a bracket. The two burner gas stove is perfect for outdoor cooking and the fridge slide and kitchen unit ensure everything is at your fingertips with cutlery for four people. The Overlander has interior and exterior LED lights, a fire extinguisher and a spare wheel. It also comes standard with a door step, a no-turn mattress, pockets and storage on the door interiors.

There is a stove box situated on the left hand wheel arch and a grocery cabinet on the right hand wheel arch. The 50l National Lunafridge-freezer combo is perfect for keeping everything cold during the trip. The Overlander also comes standard with a 50l water tank.

LeBusha certainly is making serious inroads into the off-road trailer market with their quality product.

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