Imagine Trailvan

Imagine’s Trailvan blasts its way into this year’s top ten with its tough makeup. The Trailvan’s light-weight galvanised chassis offers superior stability and road holding capability. Fibreglass panels are perfectly moulded over the aluminium skeleton for a smooth and stylised finish. Extensive design has led to an extremely aerodynamic profile with minimum drag (wind resistance) and maximum on-the-road stability. The light-weight monocoque construction offers superior strength for serious offroad driving. Constructed from aliminium and marine ply with 6 month sea rating, it is both durable and rust resistant.

The Trailvan has an 85 litre water tank which feeds water to the kitchen allowing for more than enough water for drinking or washing dishes. The interior has a 193 cm x 137 cm main double bed and offers ample space and comfort for a good night’s rest. Fitted with mosquito nets and zipper covers, the front and side panels allow for maximum ventilation and a breeze of fresh air to cool down the unit. In the 2+2 Trailvan version there is a second fold-out double bed that effortlessly folds out to the side of the Imagine allowing instant set-up for two additional adults.

Imagine leads the way in comfort with the sliding 12 drawer wardrobe. The complete wardrobe unit easily slides to the exterior allowing for more internal space, offering convenient access to all clothes and getting dressed in comfort. The wardrobe can easily be opened and closed with a canvas zip cover, ensuring your clothes remain neatly packed when driving through any terrain. The 2+2 sleeper unit also boasts plenty of space with a 4 shelf vertical wardrobe. A canvas cover ensures you can easily open and close the wardrobe when required.

Preparing food and washing dishes cannot be more convenient with the fibreglass sink situated in the slide-out kitchen unit. The stainless steel two-burner stove is conveniently placed within the slide-out kitchen unit in front of all the cupboards and kitchen utensils. The stove is safely ignited with the push of a button and can be controlled according to your heat requirements. The kitchen unit also features a cutlery drawer for all your essential cutlery, ensuring you have everything you need right in front of you. Simply unlock and slide out your fridge/freezer unit for quick and easy access when preparing food or grabbing a drink. Slide it back and lock at night or when traveling.

Why struggle with ropes, poles and pegs when you can simply unzip and swing out the batwing canopy for complete shade coverage in under 30 seconds. Ideal for overnight stopovers, closing the batwing is just as easy so you can get back on the road in absolutely no time.

The raised awning allows for a larger shaded area whilst the angled side panel also helps to keep the morning or late afternoon sun at bay for additional shade over the fridge area. Mosquito nets and zip covers all-round also ensures your tent remains ventilated and cool at all times.

The Trailvan will get you to the remotest places. It offers you supreme comfort and clever design, ensuring the best possible adventure every time.

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