Conqueror are not only the second-biggest manufacturer of caravans in South Africa, but are also the winners of Caravan of the Year 2017. In fact, they received the most votes for one single model: the Conqueror Companion.

Conqueror was founded in 1991 by Philip and Thinus de Vries. Back then, the brothers designed and manufactured premium military trailers for the SADF.

Five years later, they unveiled their latest “top secret” development, the Conqueror Safari, at the very prestigious Nampo exhibition show in Bothaville, Free State.

Although it may seem like a simple design now, this little offroad trailer came complete with a dome tent and a double roofrack. The Safari was a hit, and Thinus says that within months, it became one of the best sellers in the outdoor industry.

Of course, their success didn’t stop there. The brothers grew from strength to strength, and today they have 10 certified dealers across SA. They also export their products to Australia, America, Canada, Dubai, South Korea, Mongolia and Europe!

Despite the tough economic times in South Africa, I believe that the key to their sterling performance and flawless track record is the 25 years of experience in caravan manufacturing that both brothers, and other men in the family, share.

After hearing that the Conqueror Companion won our Caravan of the Year competition, Thinus said, “Travelling crosscountry is an adventurer’s dream, but it often means you have to adjust to fewer comforts. Conqueror South Africa has broken that myth with a camper trailer that features almost everything a regular home has. The Companion is compact, extremely versatile, and packs everything from wine glasses to a flat-screen TV.

“The Conqueror is the only companion you will ever need to take you to the most remote areas of the planet.

“It has an outside kitchen with a two-burner stove and a double sink, and compartments for storing everything a camp kitchen needs. With luxuries such as a gas hot water system, shower, fridge, aircon, and a DVD player, the Companion is a dream come true for off-road ‘glampers’. With rock-solid construction and CNC-manufactured powder-coated body parts, the Companion combines flexibility and strength and can easily be transformed from a rugged vehicle negotiating African back roads, to one settling into a top-class resort.

“For those dusty tracks, the interior of the Companion is pressurised with clean air from a blower fan, ensuring that your vehicle is dust-free on arrival. With its hard roof, sides and floor, and the ability to sleep up to 4 people off the ground, the flexible interior layout makes it ideal for both couples and families.”

“With the manoeuvrability and capability of both a camper trailer as well as caravan, it is not surprising that the Companion YouTube video has been seen by more than 25 million viewers, and earned it the nickname Jack of all Trades.”

And that’s not all… in addition to winning the Caravan of the Year competition, I’m certain that fans around the world will also be delighted to hear that there is another Conqueror model with its eye on the number-one spot: The Conqueror Commander took the number 3 spot! The Commander won Camper of the Year in Australia.

Since its inception in early 2006, this hardened off-road “Hulk of a caravan” is the apple of its creator’s eye and a personal favourite for Thinus.

“Built for durability and reliability, and with an independent suspension system, we have yet to receive any negative comments regarding its off or on-road performance,” says Thinus.