Bushwakka Safari Weekender

As the second Bushwakka off-road trailer to make the leader board in the competition, their Safari Weekender wholly deserves its place amongst the toughest off-road trailers. It is touted as “The lightest proper off-road trailer on the market”. If you are concerned about the weight of the trailer you are towing, then the Safari Weekender 4×4 off-road trailer should be at the top of your shopping list.

The Safari Weekender is ideal for 2 people if fitted with the medium family tent which is easily erected. And, if you are not the tallest of people, then the overall height of the Safari Weekender tent above the ground makes it much easier to open and close without having to climb up onto the trailer. The tent base is 1.4m above ground level. The size of the towing vehicle is also an important factor to consider. If you own one of the smaller SUV type vehicles, then the Safari Weekender would be the right choice of trailer from our model range.

The Safari Weekender 4×4 off-road Trailer was not designed to be a fully equipped top of the range trailer with all the bells and whistles, but rather a basic trailer equipped with only the most important requirements to make your camping experience one of comfort. There are, however, some fantastic upgrades and options available to make the Weekender suit your every need. There are various options such as upgraded suspension systems, kitchen surface mounted stoves, upgraded water supply systems, front mounted wood and general storage baskets, to mention a few.

The Safari Weekender body and chassis is a smaller and lighter version of the larger Bushwakka models, but it is still very capable of performing long term off road trips with ease. When it comes to affordability, the Weekender is possibly one of the best value off-road trailers on the market, and its premium quality ensures that your outdoor investment remains sound for years to come.

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