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Welcome to the National Caravan of The Year competition!

This competition is hosted annually by us to find out,

Who is South Africa’s most favoured caravan manufacturer?

Below you’ll find a nomination form to cast your vote, and remember –

We’re giving away R4000 for the person who submits their best technical review for their nomination!

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Previous Entries

Entry 1

Name: Mariaan
Vote: Echo 4×4 Kavango

I sold my flat in the Strand and decide to buy a caravan so that I can go differrent places. I have done a lot of homework and decide that the Kavango is just the very best. Since then I do not look back. My Echo 4×4 Kavango gives me all the luxuries what I need. I have never relaxed so much as when I camp with the Kavango. The Kavango is small enough to go in our garage and it is big enough to enjoy so much. I feel I have all the luxuries of my house with me where ever I go with my Kavango.

Entry 4

Name: Pieter
Vote: Sensation Caravans Maia

I had Gypsey as well as Palma, Penta and the Splash but when it comes to luxury but also affordabillity the Sensation Maia outclass all of them. Ther is enough space for the spouse to take along what she really wants and the payload makes this easy. Towing is like a dream and the extras that comes standard with this caravan is just amazing. Extras that comes standard are Air Con, toilet, separate shower that is large, outside kitchen and outside pstoring facilities galore. The people at Sensation are sentational and are always there to help does not matter where you are or the time. The tent is big, very big and the fridge freezer is all you need. Really immaculate in all senses. Absolutely the best caravan on the market.

Entry 2

Name: Wena
Vote: Mobi Lodge Delux

Our lives started when we bought a Mobi Lodge in 2015. My husband, Ken has been wheelchair bound for the past 24 years and the Mobi Lodge team went the extra mile to fit the caravan for us with a ramp. Once inside, there is enough space around the island style bed to move and the wheelchair can turn around once inside. The space, comfort and absolute luxury made this our preferred space with ample packing space,microwave, aircon, solar pannels, on-suit bathroom, bedside tables and reading lights, etc. The sliding windows are huge and fitted with insect screens, this allows for ample ventilation and a feeling of space. The one thing I really appreciate about the Mobi is the accessibility of the fridge once you’r inside. There is enough power points for a kettle for the morning coffee and to charge a phone or two inside. Our Mobi opened new destinations for us. All of a sudden we are the guys going every where, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia. We used to have a problem with accommodation, now home is where we park it. The Mobi Lodge came with all we need, we packed our toothbrushes and clothes and off we went for our first excursion. It tows like a dream, and I tell you, we’ve been off-road, on scary roads and riverbeds! I (mommy) has to set up camp which consists of taking the beer out of the fridge, lowering the stablizers and push the button for the automatic awning. This is the best caravan ever, I know because our children (all 5 of them)I compare our Mobi to their nest boxes when they join us over a weekend and they all oogle our nest. Especially when they take 2 hour to get camp ready. Life is an adventure and has never been sweeter, that’s why we called our Mobi Lodge “Dolce Vita”, (the sweet life).

Entry 3

Name: Peter
Vote: Bushlapa Boskriek

The bushlapa can handle all the roads in the african countries eg botswana. I can break away to any remote location that we like, without having to worry about our sturdy, home-away-from-home behind us. The setup is uncomplicated and takes a matter of minutes to set up.It has a shower and solar power supply which makes it independent. Overall this light weight, ultra strong caravan is my favourite addition to my camping expitions. Thank you Bushlapa

Entry 5

Name: Johan
Vote: Conqueror Commander

This caravan is build as solid as an army tank, solid and extremely strong. It is a reliable caravan and one can tackle any off road condition with confidence. Personally I have been to many places including the rough roads of the Kgalagadi. Towing this caravan is an absolute pleasure. It sits solid behind my vehicle when towing, especially after I had the suspension upgraded to the latest Hound dog suspension. Camping with this caravan is an absolute pleasure, keeps the wife happy. Happy wife happy life!

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